Our Focus

Approximately 7,000 square feet of building space lies dormant at 162 Bentworth Avenue! There is enormous potential to use this space to address many pressing needs in the local communities we serve.

The mission of Toronto Central Adventist Community Services is to serve the whole person, helping them to lead lives of hope and wholeness.
Our active service targets local communities that are low-income, marginalized and racialized with a high number of new immigrants, visible minorities and people identifying as Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC).
Here’s how Toronto Central is making a positive impact in its local communities and on people’s lives

  • Toronto Central is committed to reaching people where they are and making lives better through community partnerships and the collective, dedicated effort of its volunteers. These are some of our partners and sponsors who share our mission to help make the lives of the most vulnerable around us better. Their past and ongoing support has enabled us to serve hundreds of people over the past 5 years.
  • We address growing food insecurity in the Briar Hill-Belgravia and Yorkdale-Glen Park neighbourhoods.
    • WE partner with Second Harvest and Cobs Bread to acquire produce and baked goods for distribution in the local communities we serve and remained active throughout the pandemic.
    • From September 2021 to August 2022, we achieved the following milestones from Second Harvest:



    • From September 2022 to Mar 2023 achieved the following milestones from Second Harvest:



  • WE take our food bank to Toronto Community Housing and other low-income local residents weekly, serving 60 – 100 households each week.
  • We provide seniors with programs and services that will enable and empower them to achieve better health outcomes. Our Seniors’ Power Hour takes place bi-monthly and features guest speakers who educate the seniors on various health and wellness topics.
  • WE distribute gently used and new clothing to homeless shelters, shelters for women dealing with various addictions and/or abuse, family shelters, shelters for abused women and children, homeless people on the streets of downtown Toronto, new immigrants / refugees. Throughout the pandemic, during the winter and spring seasons, our community services volunteers serviced more than 100 homeless persons who were being housed at the Better Living Centre, downtown Toronto.



Connecting With the Homeless, Downtown, Toronto – A Personal Encounter

“Several homeless people in Moss Park, downtown Toronto, were hungry and in need of food, water, clothing and shoes. We gave them bottled water courtesy of Kits for a Cause, snacks, Tim cards, underwear, clothing, shoes and bags to carry their belongings. They could not hide their joy. Some of them were reluctant to speak with us at first, but when they realized that we were genuinely there to help meet their needs and to talk with them for a few minutes, they relaxed and opened up to us.

The stories had a common thread of brokenness, hopelessness and failure. For each encounter, we were able to minister hope and encouragement and left each person in a visibly, uplifted mood.

In our varied encounters, we may have diverted one or more persons from the path of suicide through our ministry of compassion.

We did learn from a homeless nurse, also camping in the park, that she spent most of her time at night, patrolling the park and administering Naloxone to drug over-dose victims, until paramedics arrived to continue lifesaving measures. The experience reminded the Toronto Central volunteers that we sometimes have to get out of our comfort zones to meet the most vulnerable where they are to meet some of their basic needs, but most of all to share hope.” Judith Brown, Director, Toronto Central Adventist Community Services

    • WE distribute gift cards and household items like bedding, appliances and furniture to local residents as requested. Our partnership with Recyc Mattress Inc., enabled us to deliver five beds to local residents in dire need during the pandemic.



  • WE allow new immigrants to serve as volunteers at our community outreach centre while going through the legal process to acquire residency status in Canada.
  • WE allow students to serve as volunteers to accomplish the community hours they need for high school graduation.
  • WE host an annual FREE Love & Care Day / Health Fair for the local communities we serve. The event always includes a back-to-school focus.
  • WE partner with community-focused and/or local businesses to acquire the financial and in-kind donations required to sustain and enrich the community programs and services we offer. In-kind donations received annually include backpacks and school supplies, male and female adult work clothes, male and female adult winter clothes, male and female children/youth clothes, male and female underwear as well as winter blankets and sleeping bags for the homeless.
  • WE have a 7-year partnership with First Book Canada whose generous annual donation for free books for kids in need, has enabled us to distribute more than 200 free educational books in the local communities we serve, every year, for the past seven years. The books are worth thousands of dollars and help boost reading and literacy in vulnerable communities.

Toronto Central is continuing to forge partnerships and collaborations in the local communities it serves. We continue to raise our profile in our local communities to boost the financial and in-kind support we receive. We are working hard to launch dreams in our local communities. COME DREAM WITH US!

Our Dreams

We have dreamed of this time for a long time and have decided to take action NOW!
We believe our dreams are on the verge of becoming reality!
What was seemingly impossible for a very long time is now possible!
Please invest in our Toronto Central PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project to boost capacity for delivering community programs and services! Please donate today!

Dream with us!

Community seniors need a space to connect, learn and play for better health outcomes. Many seniors in our neighbouring marginalized, racialized communities are dealing with mental health and addiction challenges daily. Many are struggling to cope with diabetes and high blood pressure, and lack the ongoing medical attention and support they need. The PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project will free up much needed space for bringing programs and resources through partnership with organizations such as TAIBU Community Heath Centre and their Ubuntu Village Project. TAIBU is a community led organization providing community-based, culturally affirming primary health care and social services in the Greater Toronto Area. A key focus will be the advancement and improvement of black health outcomes through evidence based Africentric programs and services.

Community youth need an easily accessible space where they can engage in healthy, physical activity that supports team building, better health outcomes and mental / emotional stability. The PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project will allow us to allocate space for social engagement and physical activies.

Food insecurity is on the rise in the local, low-income, marginalized communities we serve. We service more than 100 households every week and the demand keeps growing. We could help more households if we had proper commercial equipment like freezers, refrigerators and prep stations to accommodate donations from our Second Harvest partner. The PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project will allow us to boost our capacity to deliver community programs and services.

Tutoring for elementary and high school students is in growing demand. As school boards report a steady decline in Grades 3 & 9 EQAO test results, parents are doing all they can to prepare their children to compete for academic post-secondary entrance spaces in colleges and universities. The PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project is a timely solution for sought after tutoring space!

Pre-apprenticeship skilled trades training space is needed in marginalized, racialized communities that have high numbers of new-comers to Canada, visible minorities, high school dropouts and youth crime. The PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project will make it possible to enter into partnerships with organizations looking for training space.

Many of the programs and services that will be offered after the project is completed require supporting kitchen space and washrooms that are wheelchair accessible. Part of the goal of the PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project is the installation of a fully equipped commercial kitchen, adequate number of male / female washrooms and proper waste disposal facility. These are top project priorities.

We are significantly limited in preparation and storage space.
In-kind donations, such as those in our wishlist here, are acceptable, in exchange for a tax deductible receipt. Use the contact details provided in the “contact” section to get more details and to make delivery or pickup arrangements.

Renovation Materials Wishlist

  • Drywall
  • Wood
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Interior / Exterior Paints
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Laundry Appliances
  • Plumbing (pipes and fixtures)
  • Electrical (cables, etc.)
  • Interior Doors
  • Bathroom Fixtures (toilets, sinks, faucets, etc.)
  • Interior Windows
  • Interior Lighting

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the TC PossiBUILDity Project. We are counting on your support to help launch dreams in our local communities and inner city, Toronto. Please help us make a bigger impact on peoples lives. Together we can make lives better, even in tough times. THANK YOU!

A Community Services Renovation Project to Boost Capacity for Delivering Community Programs and Services


    Contact Name: Judith Brown
    Director: Community Services
    Project Manager: PossiBUILDity Community Services Renovation Project